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Nineties Nostalgia for one and all.

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3rd February 2007

flowersforlorca3:52am: help!!!

tell me i'm not crazy, my fellow canadian iheartnineties kids.

there was this episode of are you afraid of the dark. i only remember the ending, but the ending involved this kid, his/her friend and sardo getting stuck in this scary other dimension with a huge eye in the background. does anyone remember this episode?!?
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30th November 2006

kristy_chan11:27pm: Bad 90's Music Prank
I am pulling a funny prank on my roommate, who has good music taste.

I am trying to get as many people as possible to spam his LJ. His LJ is thecultnextdoor. I want his mailbox to be flooded with comments from strangers alluding to his unstoppable fandom for 1999 crap, like:
and so on.

Please help me execute this hilarious prank!!!

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11th November 2006

labellereine1:20pm: Hi
I'm new to this community *waves*
I'm a huge fan of the 90s, its the decade I grew up in and miss.

Does anyone know of any fashion livejournal communities or other communities
dedicated to 90's fashion? Like those communities where people post
pictures on their outfits or tips...?

Thank you!

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12th July 2006

flowersforlorca10:05pm: tween fiction deathmatch:

jessica (the 'bad' twin) from sweet valley high


kristy (the 'bossy' founder) of the baby sitter's club.


Strengths: manipulative, conniving, 'daring'. a definite 'risk taker'. may not be afraid to bust a cap, if necessary.
Weaknesses: diva: might be too afraid of breaking a nail, or ruining her outfit in the process.
Posse: she rolls with a crew like the chicks from 'heathers'. would call for backup.


Strengths: loudmouth, napoleon complex, athletic. closeted lesbian angst may make her go crazy on the bitch.
Weaknesses: short: might talk the talk but can she walk the walk?
Posse: a hippie, a crybaby, two eleven year-olds, a fashionista and an artist. not much luck there. does have peach-fuzz moustached brother that could help in a pinch.

what do you think, guys? i'm stumped!
Current Mood: amused

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5th July 2006


i.. i.. i...

i'm really not sure how i feel.

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6th May 2006

jupiters_galaxy8:54pm: What Song?
What 1990's song have you been listening to?

me: "I Want it That Way" By the Backstreet Boys
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2nd May 2006

amis_world2:55pm: Hi!

The other day, I was watching "American Inventor" and I got to thinking and remembering about a couple books that I really, REALLY loved as a child.

But unfortunately, I think that over the years, they may have gotten lost or accidentally thrown out or given away by my parents, and for some reason, I can NOT seem to remember either the title or name of the author/authors, so even though I want to re-purchase them, I am having a REALLY hard time locating them, and I am hoping that maybe someone on here has these books and/or knows the title and/or the name of the author or authors and can help me out.

The first book was a big children's soft-cover paperback book (I think it was at least a couple hundred pages) about pet care. It had chapters/sections for each kind of pet, from the usual (dogs, cats, fish, etc.) to the unusual (exotic animals, reptiles, rodents, etc.) It was illustrated but the pictures were not actual photos, but cartoons. The book was about the different aspects of pet care, including feeding, training, medical issues, etc, and dealt with nearly all kinds of pets.

The second book was a big children's joke book, but it also had a section for inventions that "you wish existed" Mostly it was a joke/riddle book. But it had this chapter for crazy inventions.

If anyone can help me remember and/or find these books from the 1980's-1990's, I'd really appreciate it.

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26th April 2006

jupiters_galaxy2:57pm: Michael Jackson
I was just thinking about Michael Jackson. Remember when he was so cool in the early 1990's with his Free Willy theme and Heal the World song? Man, those were the days when Mike was cool.
Current Mood: grateful

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19th April 2006

jupiters_galaxy6:43pm: Question
BTW, I wanted to ask someone who might know: in the 1990's, the girl who played the pink ranger on Power Rangers (she's featured on the user info page of this community) was in a TV movie where she was a gymnast and she started having an eating disorder because she wanted to be thin to be a gymnast. Anyone know her name or remember the title of that movie?
Current Mood: curious

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jupiters_galaxy6:35pm: Intro
Hello, I'm Kristine and I'm an early 1990's fan. I was growing up to Full House, TGIF, Nickelodeon's SNICK, I saluted my shorts, I sang to the soundtrack to Free Willy, and I still think Joey Lawrence is the shiz. I really loved SeaQuest DSV and Jonathan Brandis (RIP 1976-2003), but I had a crush on Corey Haim. I recently got Corey Feldman's autograph because of early 90's memories, and I still remember how to sing to The New Kid's Hangin' Tough.

I still recycle because the early 1990's had that "the world is going to be destroyed by 1999" thing, and sometimes I wonder if California really will sink into the ocean like the early 90's scientists said. I don't know what happened to manatees, but I remember they were almost extinct back then, and yes, I will sing to Ice Ice Baby and I think Ninja Turtles are so cool.

Just wanted to drop by and say, "Got any cheese?"
Current Mood: contemplative

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4th October 2005

ambivalentfemme8:07pm: we should compile a list of the best/infamous albums of the 90s.

here are my candidates:

the blue album- weezer
pinkerton- weezer
the color and the shape- foo fighters
jagged little pill- alannis morrisette
tragic kingdom- no doubt

now your turn.

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29th September 2005

thehauntofships3:39pm: in the "wtf?!" category...
so, i was watching VH1's "I Love the 90s: 1996" today, and it was revealed that Alanis Morrisette wrote smash-hit "You Oughta Know" about none other than Full House's Dave Coulier.

i was shocked and/or appalled.
how could uncle joey hurt someone so badly?!
...dave coulier was gone down on in a theatre?
...dave coulier has sex?

Current Mood: amused

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21st August 2005

recklessrex10:47am: i bought black nail polish the other day. i worn it since 7th grade.

ah, memories.

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13th August 2005

thehauntofships5:17am: dress-up fun.
it would be fun to have a "look the most nineties as possible" contest.
but maybe when we have more members.
but, maybe not.
i'll take one tomorrow and post a pic.
you should, too!
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7th August 2005

sup3rcookie10:45pm: I saw someone wearing a 2-toned v-neck tee and sporting a middle-part JTT haircut today. He seemed to be in quite a hurry.. probably trying to get home for Party of Five. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I thought he had just awoken from a coma..
Current Mood: nostalgic

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4th August 2005

thehauntofships2:12pm: alrighty, a game.
This one's about music and movies.

List the 5 best cheesy '90s movie soundtrack songs:

1. "i will always love you" - the bodyguard
2. "can you feel the love tonight?" - the lion king
3. "lovefool" - romeo + juliet
4. "my sharona" - reality bites
5. "gangsta's paradise" - dangerous minds
Current Mood: chipper

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3rd August 2005

thehauntofships6:19pm: I'm now ready to get this community on the road.
I had a difficult time, initially, but now it's ready to get started.
So, come join, spread the word to your friends, and let's get this on the ball!


Current Mood: accomplished

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